Announcing West London chapter

Thanks to your enthusiasm, codebar London has expanded rapidly in the past couple of months. I’m sure you have noticed the waiting list getting longer every week and the number of attendees per event rising steadily lately. Not only that, London is a massive city with students and coaches living scattered around it’s area, with some people having to travel up to an hour to attend certain workshops. This obviously is not an ideal situation as we want our workshops to be easily accessible by the most number of students, with a number of attendees at each workshop that is still manageable by us (the organisers) and is not a hindrance to learning (taking too long to organiser ourselves, etc…).

To combat this situation we have started running events in South London, on top of the original Central London location and now we are adding West London to the roster. The Central and South London workshops will both be held on Wednesdays, while the West London workshop will be offered on Tuesdays. The first West London workshop will be held on the 14th of July, 2015.

A quick note about the different London chapters: you are more than welcome to sign up to all three of them and attend whichever workshop is most convenient for you that week. But please do not double book yourself on workshops (especially in the case of the Central and South London workshops which run on the same day). We do not have time to go through names and remove you from a list. Please bare this in mind when confirming your attendance for a workshop. Please also be respectful of other students: if you can no longer attend a workshop cancel your attendance through the site so someone else can take your place. Hopefully the increased number of workshops will allow more of you to dip your toes into programming and take part in the codebar experience.

On another note we have been nominated for the Grassroots Event of the Year award at the net awards. This is an amazing achievement for us as it is nominated by you. So if you have a spare 10 seconds please vote for us.