Bournemouth codebar

codebar is a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community. We run regular programming workshops for women, LGBTQ and people from underrepresented minority groups. Our goal is to enable our students to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment and expand their career opportunities.

codebar sessions run for 2 hours, in which students can choose to follow either our set tutorials or focus on a personal project. We take pride in offering a 2:1 student to coach ratio so students get the attention they deserve.

Predominantly our sessions run across the UK but more recently we have expanded to Brazil, America and now… Bournemouth!

Bournemouth has a vibrant tech scene which is growing rapidly - it has an estimated 450 creative agencies in the area and is home to the world’s largest Open Device Lab. It is also host to over 100 events a year; including meet-ups, hack days, unconferences and full blown conferences. Oh, and did I mention that the beach was voted the best beach in the UK and fourth best in Europe:

Bournemouth beach

Now our request to you. codebar’s mission is to teach programming but for this to happen we need your help. Yes you reading this blog post. We need your help spreading the codebar mission, help getting coaches on board and help getting people involved who want to learn to code. We also need sponsors, as without them codebar would not be possible. They provide us with space, food, drinks and of course internet. So, if you work somewhere that could host a codebar then please contact us, or @codebarBmth.

Get involved

Our first workshop will be held on Tuesday 13th October at Folk from 6:30pm. If you want to attend this workshop as a coach or a student you must sign up via the website, equally if you know someone who is interested in coding and fits our eligibilty criteria get them to sign up too. Or if you want to help us by becoming a host for this chapter then please email us at

P.S Thank you Matt Northam for the incredible picture of the beach.